AKA 5/16 feltspiss fra 3Rivers Archery

AKA 5/16 feltspiss fra 3Rivers Archery

Our machined Steel Field Points (AKA field tips) are extremely durable and made with precision in mind to help with accurate arrow flight. Stamped on the outside with diameter and grain weight for easy identification. These are called Converta points as they have a 11/32" diameter ferrule for most of their length, but at the base taper back to 5/16" for easier target removal and extended target life. They will fit on shafting 5/16" and up in diameter. On larger diameter (11/32" or 21/64") they will work great, as the small taper will not catch on the target.

Our screw-in steel field points are designed to fit all carbon and aluminum arrows as they have an industry standard 8-32 thread. This is the same thread used by all arrow inserts (except Easton Deep Six).

Feature a special contoured shape for accurate shooting, extended target life, and durability.




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